Sperm-up 600 gram bag

Sperm-up 600 gram bag

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SPERM-UP is our proprietary blend of  Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestrius concentrate, vitamins, chelated minerals and tasty meat powders and fats. Tribulus is a research proven spermatogenic agent and the beneficial effects of this product are well documented amongst dog breeders. Now your stud dog can produce good litters well beyond the time that most dogs must be retired. Contact us for testimonials! Sperm-Up comes in a one pound vacuum sealed bag for complete freshness.

Sperm-Up utilizes a proprietary blend of nutrients and spermatogenic agents that will typically take an under-achieving stud and make him a contributing member of your breeding program. We utilize a special concentrated preparation of tribulus terrestris, available from only one pharmaceutical source worldwide. This European source markets this preparation, on a prescription basis for people with fertility issues. This special preparation of tribulus is the only one that works. We tested others with disappointing results. The approved tribulus product works very much like leutenizing hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland and acts as a means of communicating to the dogs testicles that it is necessary for them to grow and increase output of testosterone and sperm. I believe SpermUp is the only product available worldwide for dogs that has a high degree of effectiveness in elevating fertility in dogs. Most of our customers are return customers who have seen impressive results. Several of our customers are fertility clinics who have done before and after collections on studs brought in for sperm collection. The initial collections were below acceptable levels for collection. A month later, after SpermUp, the same studs had high sperm counts and were great candidates for collection. These clinics were convinced and began carrying and recommending our SpermUp product. You can almost double your yards producing efficiency through the use of SpermUp.


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