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At CNI we depend upon cutting edge science, hands on experience, and an evolutionary perspective to determine the most appropriate nutrition for your dog. With an evolutionary perspective, we take into account the fact that canine metabolism evolved over tens of thousands of years to fit the prey animal food stuffs that were available at that time. Due to rapid technological advances, human existence is dramatically different than only a few hundred years ago. As a result of being a domesticated, human-dependent carnivore, the dogs diet has changed dramatically along with that of his human host. Much of this change has not been beneficial for the dietary health of the dog. The challenge for our nutritionists is to reconstruct the nutrition that was available in past millennia to have the ideal biochemical and nutritional fit between diet and dog. We believe that our products meet this challenge better than any other commercially available products in the world today.

Our products are provided in a powdered form as drying is the most effective, least harmful means of preserving food. Our supplements are intended to be provided as a top dressing for any of the highest quality 30% protein, 20% fat conventional dog foods. For reference, a typical rate of usage for maintenance of a 50 lb adult dog would require one scoop(40 grams) of RF-1 daily. This means that our 10 lb size would last approximately 90 days, or 3 months.

It is not enough to simply formulate and mix this cutting edge nutrition. We ensure that what we mix is what your dog actually eats and assimilates into his body. After careful research and testing, we have concluded that conventional, air-filled packaging does not reliably deliver the more fragile nutrients in our products. Most nutritional deterioration is the result of oxidation which occurs whenever nutrients are exposed to air. We are taking the lead in our industry by being the first to provide you with vacuum-packaged, heat sealed and nitrogen-flushed packaging. Our RF-1 and Nurture products are available in 5 and 10 lb re-sealable packages in order to minimize harmful product-to-air exposure. If you order 30 lbs, you will receive three 10 lb packages so you can open your product as you need it. It is necessary to refrigerate our products after they are opened. Before they are opened, these advanced formulas are stable on the shelf for one year!

All of our products are made of human grade ingredients and packaged in a sanitary facility. This means that you don't have to worry about possible high levels of salmonella, E Coli, and other dangerous bacteria. You can also be assured that your dog is protected from dangerous compounds that make their way into conventional pet foods through the use of diseased and drug contaminated animal carcasses.

We formulate and manufacture four products; RF-1NURTURESPERM-UP, and JOINT EASE.

RF-1 is our nutrient-rich supplement for all dogs over 5 months of age and particularly for athletic and hardworking dogs preparing for an event. RF-1 combines powerful amino acids, colostrum, creatine monohydrate, MCT's, Omega 3 fatty acids, glucose polymers, vitamins, chelated minerals, electrolytes, glucosamine and other anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting factors in a tasty blend that we believe is the best of it's kind on the market. Try it on your dog and you will see dramatic results in a few short weeks!

NURTURE is our colostrum-rich formula for puppies and gestating and nursing bitches. This formula is based upon a careful chemical analysis of canine mother's milk. Nurture provides the correct amino acid profile, fat and alpha-linoleic acid levels, whey and casein levels, vitamins and minerals, growth and immune factors, and lactose levels. The effect of feeding this formula to both bitches and puppies is dramatic. Young puppies do not have the enzymes to efficiently break down meat based proteins. The milk based whey proteins in Nurture make raising puppies a real delight! Orphaned pups thrive on this formula alone!

SPERM-UP is our proprietary blend of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestrius concentrate, vitamins, chelated minerals and tasty meat powders and fats. Tribulus is a research proven spermatogenetic agent and the beneficial effects of this product are well documented amongst dog breeders. Now your stud dog can produce good litters well beyond the time that most dogs must be retired. Contact us for testimonials!

JOINT EASE blends generous amounts of Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfates, vitamins, and minerals in a tasty meat powder to yield powerful anti-inflammatory benefits for dogs with joint-related aches and pains. Try it and you will see noticeable benefits for your dog!