Nurture 5lb bag

Nurture 5lb bag

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"NURTURE is our colostrum-rich formula for puppies and gestating and nursing bitches. This formula is based upon a careful chemical analysis of canine mother's milk. Nurture provides the correct amino acid profile, fat and alpha-linoleic acid levels, whey and casein levels, vitamins and minerals, growth and immune factors, and lactose levels. The effect of feeding this formula to both bitches and puppies is dramatic. Young puppies do not have the enzymes to efficiently break down meat based proteins. The milk based whey proteins in Nurture make raising puppies a real delight! Orphaned pups thrive on this formula alone! Nurture comes in three 10 pound vacuum sealed bags for complete freshness."

As a breeder of 36 years I have had a number of females whose pups were larger, healthier and better developed than the majority. If these females adopted a pup from another mother, the adoptive pup experienced accelerated development as well from consuming the superior mom�s milk. We became curious and decided to submit milk samples from these females to a lab for analysis. These samples were analyzed down to the smallest micronutrients. The resultant analytical profile became our target for our Nurture product. Utilizing the computer program we developed for RF-1 for sorting through ingredients, we found the most efficient combination of the highest quality ingredients that would meet the superior mother�s milk profile. We started with the highest quality whey proteins from New Zealand. The environment there is virtually free of heavy metals and contaminants and the amino acid profile of their whey protein meets the World Health Organizations ideal standards better than anything available at GNC. It turns out that high levels of specific fatty acids were critical to the superior milk advantage. We found that organic, cold-pressed flax seed oil from Northern Canada allowed us to efficiently meet this requirement. Bovine colostrum was incorporated into the formula to enhance the immune and growth boosting capabilities of our Nurture formula. When we tried our early batches of Nurture, we were delighted to see the same accelerated growth as the superior mother�s pups experienced. We found that supplementing the mom from the time she gave birth restored nutrients that she passed along to her pups. Beginning supplementing the pups at 2.5-3 weeks accelerated their development and reduced the strain on mom. Continuing Nurture supplementation through weaning time prevented a drop-off of development when mom leaves the scene. The bottom line? Just as the label says, �Raise one litter on Nurture and you will never raise another litter without it!�


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